One Thing 6 Moms Have in Common that Give Them Homeschooling Success

coachingLisaWould you like to hear from six homeschooling moms (in the following six blog posts) who found the key to success with homeschooling? Their stories will inspire you as they share from the place of learning to serve the true needs of their families. You can learn the ONE THING they all have in common that is serving to give them the success they have always longed for.

I have had personal interactions with all of these moms. I know their stories, where they’ve been in their spiritual growth processes, and what’s more, I know about some of their relational fruit (the good, the bad, and the Christlike fruit growing in them now). They all used to be in a similar distressing, floundering, or lost CoachingBlogMichelleHplace that I describe below and that you may be finding yourself in now.

Feeling Distressed, Lost, or Like You’re Floundering?

If you’ve read some about Lifestyle of Learning™, liked its freeing-sounding ideas, but wondered how you could make it work in your home without giving your children over to their own independent ways, then you will want to read these moms’ revealing testimonies, because they are learning how to combine their children’s need for inner CoachingMichelleGrelational growth with their need for an academic education.

If you wonder how it seems like there are some homeschooling children who can pursue their own education (without curriculum or a teacher to make them do assignments) since your children don’t seem to be interested in anything (that seems like education to you), then you will want to read these moms’ transparent testimonies, because they are learning how to address coachingTeritheir children’s character growth needs alongside their learning needs.

If you think that being Spirit-led in your family’s education seems like a good idea, but from what you’ve seen in other families it looks more like “child-led” or “unschooling”, then you won’t want to miss reading these moms’ testimonies, because they are learning how to address their children’s growth needs alongside their learning needs by the direction of the Holy Spirit.

coachingCatherineIf your days at home are filled with complaining, bickering, and strife that makes it hard to accomplish anything productive, and you just know that there should be more love between family members, then you won’t want to miss reading these moms’ testimonies, because they are learning how to love, and they are training their children to do the same.

One Thing these Moms Have in Common

CoachingErickaSo, here is the one thing these moms all have in common that is serving to give them the success they have been longing for: They made a quality decision and commitment to allow God, their Heavenly Father, to parent them. Yes, that’s right, parent them—at the heart-level.

If your relational fruit is telling on you in any way (if you lack the wise influence you think you should have with your children), then you don’t want to waste another year procrastinating about important family matters while bad fruit keeps getting worse.

It takes intentional effort to fix messy or broken relational dynamics and create a peaceful home atmosphere that supports a whole-life education. There is no better purpose! God can begin right now with you, if your heart is wholly open to Him.

Real Answers That Work

My L.O.L. mom friends found real answers in the Lord that have been changing them while impacting their entire family, and you can too! I’ve created an entire set of five mini coaching programs “Making Heart-Level Connections” that provide you with the beginnings of heart-level correction and instruction so you can connect into the work of God’s parenting in your own heart. My L.O.L. mom friends found many practical solutions in these programs that helped them to do the real work of turning things around in their families and give them the fruit they’ve longed for.

The video below gives an introduction to the “Making Heart-Level Connections” mini coaching programs. It’s 15 minutes long. If you’d prefer to read the contents of the video instead of watch it, you can find a pdf of it here.

You’re going to enjoy the testimonies of my L.O.L. mom friends in the following 6 blog posts. They pack a reality that will inspire you to want the same thing they are beginning to experience in their lives. Their enthusiasm will inspire you with the hope that dynamic growth in the Lord, which changes your whole life, is as much for you as it is for them.

Continue reading the testimonies here. And don’t forget to go get your complimentary gifts from me! There’s an article and my own personal testimony that you can get in pdf to read or as an audio if you’d prefer listening. Click on the button below to get your FREE downloads!

So grateful to be in the Lord’s service,
Marilyn Howshall for Lifestyle of Learning™ Ministries


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