Does Being Specific Help You?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI remember thinking of myself as a generally loving person for most of my life. After all, I was nice to people in my neighborhood and at church. I made sure to try to avoid conflict, and our family generally minded our own business. I couldn’t really think of any way I was being unloving, and so I assumed I was loving.

I remember when Marilyn Howshall, Lifestyle of Learning’s™ author, came over to my house to help me with my mom who had advanced Alzheimer’s disease. As Marilyn spent time with my mom and me, she started to gently show me particular ways I was not loving my mom. She came in and started talking and praying with my mom, looking in her eyes, smiling at her, holding her hand, and sweetly having the round and round conversation that is typical when someone has only a 15-second memory.

Marilyn showed me specific things to stop doing. I needed to stop emotionally ignoring my mom, and stop leaving her in her isolated turned-in state. She also showed me things I should start doing to love my mom—hold her hand, look in her eyes, smile at her, and talk and pray with her. This very specific instruction about love’s actions really helped me to begin to see other ways I was failing to love my mom, my children and my husband. I had not thought of my previous behavior toward my mom as being unloving. It was just the way things were between us. As I obeyed the Lord’s instruction, changes began to happen. My story became a powerful testimony of God’s intervention in my family’s life and relationships, including numerous miracles surrounding my mom’s condition. My story is recorded in the book, Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith, and the Remembering Ellen audios.

In the Lifestyle of Learning™ Love’s Actions Seminars, I seek to give the same sort of specific instruction about what love looks like, so that you can be launched into action in your own relationships. You can take action to stop some behaviors, and take action toward picking up new loving relational habits.

Each of the Love’s Actions Seminar audios is around an hour long, and includes a transcript for those who prefer to read, or read along. In each Love’s Actions Seminar, I bring to you a thorough explanation and discussion of one of love’s actions taken from Scripture, such as patience, faithfulness, kindness, and so on. I provide an expanded definition taken from the dictionary, and use many clear illustrations of what a particular love’s action would look like worked out in your family relationships—with your spouse, with your children, and in relationship between siblings.

Each seminar concludes with how God expresses that particular love’s action toward us. It’s my hope to bring conviction to your heart and inspiration for taking positive love actions toward your family. I want you to hear from a couple of the moms who’ve been through the seminars.

Love’s Actions Seminars Are Very Specific! 

MHLCwholeSet“The Love’s Actions audios have been such a help in showing me what love looks like. In the past I had not given thought to the particulars of how to love and what the particulars of my sin were. I had always thought of sin and of love in general terms until coming into contact with the Lifestyle of Learning™ Ministry. I enjoy the Love’s Actions so much that I have listened to the audios, I have read the transcripts and I have listened to the audios while reading the transcripts at the same time, and each time I glean something new. It is so helpful to learn the definition of a particular Love’s Action word and then go further in examining the specifics of what to stop doing and the specifics of what to start doing in my relationships. I like that each audio covers the marriage relationship, the parent-child relationships and the sibling relationships. Each audio gives much help for the whole family. I have found that the Love’s Actions is a wonderful compliment to Lifestyle of Learning’s™ “Making Heart-Level Connections” coaching programs.” ~ Nancy B

“I’m excited! I have found the Love’s Actions audios so helpful! It’s like I’m a little child, needing to have the essential truths spelled out for me, and when they are, I can take them and run with it! When people ask me where I’ve been because they haven’t seen me in a while, I tell them I’m too busy re-educating myself on what it means to love. And what a glorious answer it is! Our family is so changed!”  ~ Ellen B

Do You Need Specific Actions Spelled Out?

If you’re like Ellen and Nancy, you could use some specific actions spelled that will carry you beyond what you already know and practice about love in general terms. AND if you’ve been stopping some of your unloving behaviors in response to the Holy Spirit’s conviction to your conscience, but you don’t yet know the specifics of what to do instead, you can get started right away toward saturating your mind and soul with these powerful and practical words of truth in HOW to love.

You can listen to a free audio talking about how the Love’s Actions Seminars creation came about, along with an example of the sorts of things you will hear in the seminars. Sign up for the audio below.

Click here to continue reading more about me and my mom and more discussion about our need to love like Jesus.

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