Are You Rushing in Where Angels Fear to Tread?

LovesActionsAudio1Do you know how your children can contribute to their education? Many moms don’t consider that their children have something to offer their own learning process, but they do in many ways! Each of your children have very significant (and wise) contributions to make to their individual learning process, but they want and need their concerns and ideas to be listened to.

Instead of listening, moms have a tendency to “rush in where angels fear to tread” and mess with their children’s young attempts at their own learning activities. I’ve seen many moms try to “schoolish-up” their children’s play or play-writing efforts before trust is in place in their relationship. I hope you don’t do this, but if you do, I’d like to encourage you to guard and protect your children’s immature attempts to learn so they can practice building on their own efforts to move their learning process (education) forward. When you protect the ownership of each child’s learning process, trust is built with them, and they’ll want to receive your influence for how to improve on their work.

There are numerous decisions you’ll need to make about your children’s educational activities, and if you begin with trust-building by listening to them, getting to know them, and understanding them, they’ll continue to receive from you—all because they will feel loved. Building trust with your kiddos is one of Christ’s ways of loving them. I know many moms who are starting over with their children by building trust with them and reaping a good reward of positive influence.

I hope you’ll join them by putting a stop to “rushing in where angels fear to tread” and learn the constraining ways of God’s love for your precious kiddos. That’s why we’ve created the Love’s Actions Seminar series. Here’s a mom who really enjoys the Love’s Actions Seminars and listens to them over and over.

NancyB“I think the Love’s Actions audios are such a wonderful compliment to Empowering the Transfer of Moral Value and Faith. They helped me see many of my own particular unloving behaviors the Lord wanted to help me with. I continue to re-listen to them, gaining more and more each time. The Making Heart-Level Connections mini coaching programs are also a wonderful resource for continuing to go deeper with the heart-level work the Lord wants to do in us. All these resources have been a true benefit to me. My husband and I just finished reading together this morning the transcript for the Love’s Actions Seminar ‘Kindness’! It’s SO good! I feel the same way about each of the Love’s Actions Seminars! These days I am listening to ‘Patience’ in the car when I am out and about! I remember when I first heard the seminar on ‘Patience’, I was so amazed at how much more there was to a word I thought I knew in the past. I had always thought I was patient. People had told me I was patient, but I learned that I was mistaken. I learned that being patient is much more active. I mistook passiveness as patience. There is so much more to all the Love’s Actions than I’ve ever known before.” ~ Nancy B

“I agree with you Nancy, the Love’s Actions Seminar audios are fabulous! I just finished listening (again) to Love’s Actions Seminar on ‘Kindness’. It was so encouraging and convicting; wonderfully practical. ~ Catherine D

Are you ready to make loving actions your new goal so your children can learn to trust your expectations of them?

Love’s Actions Seminars can help you get started in learning how to love. These 13 1-hour seminars are a great practical accompaniment to my ebook, Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith and it’s companion, Love’s Actions.

If you haven’t gotten our complimentary audios discussing the content of the Love’s Actions Seminars, you can access them by signing up below.

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Eliminate Your Children’s Resistance Toward Learning

CoachingMichelleGMichelle has a testimony about love that led to breaking through her son’s resistance toward learning. I was so blessed to witness up close Michelle’s story as she was going through it in real time with her son, learning how to love him so she could draw him into a desire to learn. I really want you to hear her story too.

Michelle’s Story — She learned how to love her son, and his whole attitude toward learning changed!

“When I brought my son home from public school, he hated writing! He grew to hate it because he was forced to compose and scribe paragraphs for years in school, even though writing was physically painful for him. Once I started homeschooling, I had a difficult time having him write even short sentences. He would resist and complain about our daily writing time, and sometimes scream and throw temper tantrums. My efforts to do school at home were only continuing to lead him toward a hatred of writing.

I had heard that there were many Lifestyle of Learning™ kids who wanted to write, and were improving their writing skills in a natural, self-directed way. I thought, “Well, that won’t be my son!” I worried that I wouldn’t be able to teach him writing, typing or grammar because he hated it so much, and I thought there was NO WAY he would learn it on his own.

Following Lifestyle of Learning™ principles, we began to improve the learning value of our lifestyle by cutting back on passive entertainment, staying home more, and really focusing on improving our family relationships.  To my shock and surprise, after joining the Lifestyle of Learning™ Association of Christian Home Educators (LOLACHE) my son began to want to respond in writing to posts on the LOLACHE Kids Blog. He started typing one word answers in the forum ON HIS OWN! Then he expanded to a few words with punctuation. Together we corrected the grammar in his short self-directed posts.

After much improvement in the relationships in our home, I had begun to slowly require him to write small bits of information in his notebook we put together with pictures of his dearly loved stuffed animal collection. One day out of the blue, he asked if he could start his own blog to document his stuffed animal collection, because he said he didn’t have enough space in his notebook to say all he wanted to say about them! I was very excited!

Once he started his blog, I realized this self-initiated writing about his interests that I validated was our platform for learning spelling, grammar and punctuation all in a natural way! My son’s need to write was coming from inside him, and he wanted to do it! Now he types out his own ideas for his blog or the LOLACHE Kids Forum, and then we proofread it together. It is thrilling to see how HE is moving his education forward, when I first thought there was no way he ever would! It was through my learning how to love my children, which improved our family relationships that my son began to desire to learn! ~ Michelle G

DWritingDo You Struggle with Your Children’s Resistance toward Learning?

So many moms are experiencing a similar struggle with their children’s resistance toward the learning disciplines they need in order to become educated. Children want to feel loved and understood more than anything. Michelle learned how to love, and as she did, God gave her wisdom for placing appropriate expectations on her son, which was far different from the wrong expectations she had been accustomed to, and which he was struggling against. Once he began to trust her, his heart began to open to receive her God-given wise and appropriate expectations for his education. Her relationship with her son continues to get better all the time.

Ready to Make Loving Actions Your Goal? — and eliminate your children’s resistance toward learning?

Are you ready to make loving actions your new goal so your family notices change in you? You too can eliminate your children’s resistance toward learning like Michelle did. When your children feel loved they will respond to your wise influence. Learning how to love gives you wisdom for how to influence your children with appropriate expectations.

The New Testament is packed full of commands and suggestions for how to live in right relationship with others as we submit our hearts to Christ. Yet so many moms tell us that in all of their years going to church they’ve never heard teachings about HOW to love. That’s why we’ve created the Love’s Actions Seminars, given by Barbie Poling. These 1-hour seminars are a great supplement to my book, Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith and it’s companion, Love’s Actions

You can listen to a free audio talking about how the Love’s Actions Seminars creation came about, along with an example of the sorts of things you will hear in the seminars. Sign up for the audio below.

Click here to continue reading more discussion about our need to love like Jesus.

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Let’s Make it Work for You!

HCLlogoGplusIf you’re new to the Lifestyle of Learning™ message and ministry, or you’ve been skirting the edges of it for awhile but haven’t yet delved in for practical understanding, then you’ll want to hear about our newest practical tool to help you get focused toward cooperating with God for tackling the challenges you face when learning how to make changes.

When you are just coming to Lifestyle of Learning™ or are unfamiliar with it, you might just be trying on yet another homeschooling approach in the hope of finding something that will work for you and your children. It’s possible you haven’t yet known your children’s true needs, and haven’t yet realized that no matter how different an academic approach seems from what you’ve tried before it won’t fix your relational problems that are really at the core of your difficulties. In coming to Lifestyle of Learning™, you will be faced with the need to fix some relational dynamics in your home, resulting in a change of focus so you can learn how to love your children with Christlike sacrificial love, making educating your child much easier and more efficient.

A Two-Fold Approach

As you’ve read the complimentary material we offer on our website you’ve heard that the Lifestyle of Learning™message teaches a two-fold approach to education that instructs in the importance of combining growth with learning for a whole-life education (which promotes true discipleship to Christ). We seek to provide lots of practical resources to help you learn how to facilitate both the learning aspects of your children’s education as well as the spiritual growth aspects of your family’s relational dynamics. As you enter into a process with God’s work in your own life, He releases His guiding wisdom for how to meet your family’s unique needs, and then many of your questions begin to have answers straight from God’s heart to your own.

We want to help make Lifestyle of Learning™ ideas work for you and your family, and toward that end, we’ve prepared a series of 13 1-hour long seminars, Love’s Actions Seminars, that will convict and inspire you toward understanding in many practical ways how God wants you to begin cooperating with Him in the moment-by-moment and day-to-day of being a parent who loves with Christlike love.

The idea for the Love’s Actions Seminars was inspired by the book of the same title that I compiled to accompany my newest book, Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith. Barbie and I have made a complimentary audio for you discussing how and why we began to make these Love’s Actions Seminars. In the audio, we also give a sample of what sort of message you’ll be hearing in the seminars. You can find the complimentary audio at the top of the page here:

LovesActionsAudio1Good Responses

We’ve had lots of really good responses about the seminar’s practicality for moms in learning how to love their children the way God loves us. Until you really allow God to begin a work in your own heart, you’ll continue to encounter roadblocks that prevent you from the fruit you know you’re supposed to be getting with your lifestyle of learning efforts. But you won’t know that those roadblocks are coming from within your own heart, and how you’re expressing your heart toward your children through your relational habits. Through the Love’s Actions Seminars, your soul will begin to absorb scriptural truths that couldn’t be any more clear about how to proceed in many practical ways with your family relationships. It’s time for some relational changes so you can have a fun and successful future of developing your family’s lifestyle of learning.

The following blog posts from Barbie are about these powerful words of truth in how to love. In these blog posts Barbie will also be sharing with you some of the testimonies of how other moms have been impacted by them as well.

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Do You Know What God’s Expectations Are?

CoachingErickaHere’s the sixth and final testimony I promised you in my previous post from one of my Lifestyle of Learning™ mom friends who went through the live versions of the five mini coaching programs “Making Heart-Level Connections”.

After reading Ericka’s thoughts about her life,

I’d like to encourage you to check out the short introductory video at the bottom of this post. It’s only 15 minutes long, and along with my own commentary, you will get to hear the voices of several moms openly sharing their thoughts with you. My team and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to hear this message, so if you’d rather read the contents of the video instead of watching it, you can download the script here.

Here’s what Ericka H. says about her life since participating in the coaching programs:

“These five programs have been so beneficial to me. I have spent many years seeking God, but not really connecting with Him. Through these five interrelated programs, I have been learning what disconnects within me have kept me from Him, and the loving and patient discipleship made available by Marilyn Howshall and Barbie Poling and others in the group has helped me to keep returning to the Lord in obedience in order to overcome these disconnects.

By going through these programs I have been freed from my main disconnect—self-condemnation. Thank You, LORD!! I see now that I’ve believed that I have to always “get everything right the first time”. I’m realizing, even as I type this, that it is also what has stalled my process with the Lord over and over and over. I have (unknowingly) believed that I have to get this “loving thing” right the first time, every time, too. So, when I haven’t, I’ve spent days and weeks berating myself and spinning out of control emotionally, and pouring ugliness out on anyone who came near. BUT NO MORE! I was not created to self-condemn! As a result of going through these programs I have become patient, content and eager to see where the Lord is leading me. I am trusting and obeying more, and I will no longer view obedience as optional or conditional. I am being filled with joy and peace!

I am now beginning to learn to love, since I am much more available to become loving. Before, when I was still trapped in self-condemnation, I was struggling to understand how I could EVER be able to actually DO the things Barbie has described in the Love’s Actions audios. But now those lessons are clear to me, and I am able to implement them right away, as soon as I read or listen to them.

I have received so much new revelation through these programs! Oh, my! I’ve come to know that God LOVES me. And in His goodness, He REALLY wants what is best for ME. His plans are GOOD for ME! For ME! He’s not mad at me. He’s not irritated with me. God is ONLY ONLY ONLY For me. NOT against me! He is good and His goodness is REALLY available for ME! Before, I knew a list of His character qualities: He is good and loving, patient, etc., but now my knowledge of Him has become real and personal.

I am beginning to see real and deep connections in my relationship with my husband and in my relationship with each of our children. There is more loving relating in our household than ever before!

I am so very grateful to the Lord, and to Marilyn and Barbie, and to the sweet ladies in the live group who have become my friends. They have poured love into my life towards these amazing changes in my heart. I have been exceedingly blessed as so many have shared their own struggles and growth. The fellowship in this precious group is like nothing I have ever experienced. Thank you Lord!” ~ Ericka H

Can You Identify with Ericka?

If you are like Ericka, you may have felt like you never measure up to what God expects of you. You may think God is angry or irritated with you because you aren’t able to do what you know you ought to be doing. Would you like to be freed from self-condemnation and filled with joy and peace as you live an overcoming life? You can experience freedom from self-condemnation and deeper and more practical connections with the Lord like Ericka has!

So Many More Testimonies

Ericka and the other moms we’ve quoted aren’t the only ones! Here are a few more of the comments we received after just one 2-hour coaching call, the first audio of the mini coaching program, Your Conscience.

“I never knew my conscience could be so sharp. I get poked if I even begin to clench my teeth. This is a good thing, because I see that I start to clench my teeth when I am about to speak in irritation or anger. I love that the Holy Spirit wants me to “Stop It!” even before I get started, and will lovingly warn me that it is coming. I don’t want to miss the REAL God anymore. I can hardly contain my joy today. I have found Him!!! I have been singing and dancing all morning.”

“My conscience has been sharpened—as soon as a single sharp word or clenched teeth begins to happen I’m reminded to just STOP! Thank you so much for this ministry!!!”

“After this first call, there is a new peace that has come over my soul. The Lord is fully meeting my needs. I am so excited to be in this place. It has been a very long time coming. I am so grateful that God’s love is more than enough, that His heart is to forgive. I have been enabled to completely forgive. How grateful I am.”

“I am breathing the perfume of hope and forgiveness. My god, who was always angry and disapproving, is the wrong one. Praise Jesus! I now can see The True Forgiving Savior. I caught a view of Him, through Barbie’s description of Marilyn’s forgiveness of her, that I have never seen before. I did not realize that is how Jesus is with me. I have seen Jesus all wrong for a long time. The picture I am seeing in my mind is Jesus standing in front of me, offering himself to love me, forgive me, etc., but I am turned toward the guy next to Him, who is angry and disapproving, thinking he is Jesus. No wonder I have had no relationship. I have been appealing to the wrong person. How sad that must make Him!”

“After the call I was just crying out to the Lord! I poured out my heart in repentance and He lavished me with His amazing love! Then later in the evening when my husband said that he’d like to hear about the call. I had to chuckle, because after all the tears, I was exhausted and felt like there would be NO WAY to ever share with him all that God is doing in me. It was then that the Holy Spirit whispered, ‘you don’t have to share it all just start by humbling yourself and repent.’ I did exactly that and it was an amazing time of breakthrough and forgiveness! Not only was my husband receptive, but God showed up in a powerful way and brought so much healing and hope over us!”

“After the first call, my gratefulness is overflowing. I am a different person today—no longer taking up offense. I’m showering forgiveness and grace on my kids and my husband and seeing my sin for what it really is and, without even waiting one second, repenting and receiving God’s mercy and forgiveness in real time. My desire to turn away from God to my own ways is GONE. He IS Who He says He IS! Thank you so very much, Marilyn and Barbie. God has used your ministry to draw me to Himself. I have listened to the call again, and I’ve already gotten more out of it…I just want to LOVE everyone the way I have been loved. Lord, You are so merciful and so precious. I love You, Lord!”

Are You Ready for Real Answers that Work?

The heart-level changes that Ericka and these others describe have been helping them to turn things around in their families. God has been teaching Ericka how to let go of false standards that He never placed on her life, so she can follow Him according to His loving standard for her family. You can find the answers your heart is searching for like Ericka did, and like many other Lifestyle of Learning™ moms who are finding real answers for their families too. The “Making Heart-Level Connections” mini coaching programs can change your life, and help you get connected with the Lord toward a growth process like you’ve never known before! Are you ready to build the lasting foundation that will support a whole-life education?

My Personal Complimentary Gifts to You

I hope you’ve been able to hear my two personal audio messages or read them in pdf format. But if not, you can still get all four downloads as a gift from me to you. Just sign up for instant access in the sign up form at the bottom of this post.

My Newest Book—Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith

My newest book Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith provides a background understanding of how God wants to parent you at the heart level just like He’s doing in my LOL Mom friends’ lives. Go here to learn more about this book:

I’d Love to Hear from You! You can find me on Facebook here:

I also have a private Facebook discussion group that is open to those who are going through the coaching programs. Send me a brief Facebook message after you purchase the first program, and I’ll add you to the group.

But if you’re not ready for that yet, we also have a Facebook discussion group that is open to all where you can ask questions and hear from lots of other moms who are going through the growth processes that are producing the fruit you’ve read about in these eLetters.

Ask to join the Facebook H.E.M.—Home Educated Mom Discussion Group here:

I hope you will join me in the faith-filled life in Christ!

So grateful to be in the Lord’s service,
Marilyn Howshall for Lifestyle of Learning™ Ministries

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Is Lifestyle of Learning™ Working for You?

coachingLisaHere’s the first of the testimonies I promised you in my last blog post. It’s from one of my Lifestyle of Learning™ mom friends who has begun to discover how to achieve the success she’s been hoping for.

Here’s what Lisa C. says about her life since participating in the coaching programs:

“Through the teachings and mentoring of the five “Making Heart-Level Connections” coaching programs, I received truth and help that has changed my life completely. I have been floundering trying to implement Lifestyle of Learning™ without knowing how to be Spirit-led. Since going through the programs, I let go of all kinds of fear and learned to be Spirit-led and open to what God is leading my family to do through living in a faith-filled relationship with Him.

I am freed from all kinds of unloving behaviors like anger, worry, discouragement, self-pity, selfishness, control, irritations, negativity, and perfectionism. I learned to die to myself, my selfish ways, and be filled with the Spirit, abiding and trusting in Him for everything. Now I am walking in grace and forgiveness towards myself and my family, receiving love and forgiveness from my Heavenly Father. I have had a desire for so long for a real relationship with God that lasts all day long in my everyday busyness of being a homeschool mom, and I have finally learned how to do that. I am now walking in real joy and thanksgiving, cooperating with what the Lord is doing in my life instead of fighting and complaining about what happens. Thank You Lord!” ~ Lisa C.

Can You Identify with Lisa?

If you’re like Lisa, you may be wondering how children can pursue their own education without curriculum to make them do assignments. Or you may feel like you don’t know how to be Spirit-led in much of anything, let alone your kids’ education, and you may be concerned that your kids don’t seem to be interested in anything that seems like education to you. Worse yet, your days may be filled with so much complaining, bickering, and strife, it’s hard to believe you could accomplish much of anything toward your kids’ education. These concerns are common among homeschooling moms, but, like Lisa, some moms are finding answers that work.

Are You Ready for Real Answers that Work?

These changes in Lisa are beginning to impact her whole family! God is helping her to create the environment that serves a whole-life education like Lifestyle of Learning™ promotes. You can find the answers your heart is searching for like Lisa did, and like many other Lifestyle of Learning™ moms who are finding real answers for their families too. The “Making Heart-Level Connections” mini coaching programs can change your life, and help you get connected with the Lord toward a growth process like you’ve never known before!

The video at the bottom gives an introduction to the Making Heart-Level Connections mini coaching programs. It’s 15 minutes long. If you’d prefer to read the contents of the video instead of watch it, you can find a pdf of it here.

I want to inspire you with Hope!

I want to inspire you with hope today! The Good Lord wants to do so much in our lives as parents, helping us to raise our children up for Him, helping us to reconcile our family relationships to Him, and helping us in the overcoming life as we live our lives for Him! He wants to be a personal God to us, but we limit Him so much. I’ve found that we believers don’t actually see how we limit God in our day-to-day lives, and if we do, we may need a little help to get unstuck and get connected to His heart-level work. This is why I want to inspire you with the hope that there are many practical things you can begin to do right now to connect into all that He wants to do in you and your family. I want to inspire you with the hope that you can learn how to cooperate more fully with the Lord’s personal work in you, and experience His love more completely so the fruit of your labors will be realized.

Here are two words for you—inspire and hope. Inspire means to suggest, to introduce, and to implant ideas into the mind; to fill you with what brings new life, and to communicate to your spirit a superior or supernatural influence. Don’t we all need a superior influence! The second word Hope is a desire of some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable, based on substantial evidence. Hope provides pleasure or joy and is confident in a future event.

But sometimes it’s hard to anticipate something good when all around you, you can witness the same old thing happening to just about everyone’s family as their children approach the teen years. Hearts begin to close off more and more, broken relationships begin to be more noticeable, and as parents lose more of their influence, kids begin to go their independent ways. It’s pretty difficult to comfort yourself with the thought that, “It must be normal, it’s happening to everyone, and so it’ll probably happen to me too…”

It doesn’t have to be this way! Taken together these two words—inspire and hope—can cause you to anticipate something good for you and your family. I want to provide you with substantial evidence that your cooperation with God’s desires for your family will result in healed and whole heart-level relationships with your children; relationships that will sustain your family through the changing seasons of growing up and every trial life brings. I want to stir up in you the expectation of obtaining this and the belief that it is obtainable in your life…..(This discussion continues in the free 15-page article, “Your Hope Inspired”. Sign up for access to the complete article below.)

Continue reading the testimonies here. And don’t forget to go get your complimentary gifts from me! There’s an article and my own personal testimony that you can get in pdf to read or as an audio if you’d prefer listening. Click on the button below to get your FREE downloads!

So grateful to be in the Lord’s service,
Marilyn Howshall for Lifestyle of Learning™ Ministries

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One Thing 6 Moms Have in Common that Give Them Homeschooling Success

coachingLisaWould you like to hear from six homeschooling moms (in the following six blog posts) who found the key to success with homeschooling? Their stories will inspire you as they share from the place of learning to serve the true needs of their families. You can learn the ONE THING they all have in common that is serving to give them the success they have always longed for.

I have had personal interactions with all of these moms. I know their stories, where they’ve been in their spiritual growth processes, and what’s more, I know about some of their relational fruit (the good, the bad, and the Christlike fruit growing in them now). They all used to be in a similar distressing, floundering, or lost CoachingBlogMichelleHplace that I describe below and that you may be finding yourself in now.

Feeling Distressed, Lost, or Like You’re Floundering?

If you’ve read some about Lifestyle of Learning™, liked its freeing-sounding ideas, but wondered how you could make it work in your home without giving your children over to their own independent ways, then you will want to read these moms’ revealing testimonies, because they are learning how to combine their children’s need for inner CoachingMichelleGrelational growth with their need for an academic education.

If you wonder how it seems like there are some homeschooling children who can pursue their own education (without curriculum or a teacher to make them do assignments) since your children don’t seem to be interested in anything (that seems like education to you), then you will want to read these moms’ transparent testimonies, because they are learning how to address coachingTeritheir children’s character growth needs alongside their learning needs.

If you think that being Spirit-led in your family’s education seems like a good idea, but from what you’ve seen in other families it looks more like “child-led” or “unschooling”, then you won’t want to miss reading these moms’ testimonies, because they are learning how to address their children’s growth needs alongside their learning needs by the direction of the Holy Spirit.

coachingCatherineIf your days at home are filled with complaining, bickering, and strife that makes it hard to accomplish anything productive, and you just know that there should be more love between family members, then you won’t want to miss reading these moms’ testimonies, because they are learning how to love, and they are training their children to do the same.

One Thing these Moms Have in Common

CoachingErickaSo, here is the one thing these moms all have in common that is serving to give them the success they have been longing for: They made a quality decision and commitment to allow God, their Heavenly Father, to parent them. Yes, that’s right, parent them—at the heart-level.

If your relational fruit is telling on you in any way (if you lack the wise influence you think you should have with your children), then you don’t want to waste another year procrastinating about important family matters while bad fruit keeps getting worse.

It takes intentional effort to fix messy or broken relational dynamics and create a peaceful home atmosphere that supports a whole-life education. There is no better purpose! God can begin right now with you, if your heart is wholly open to Him.

Real Answers That Work

My L.O.L. mom friends found real answers in the Lord that have been changing them while impacting their entire family, and you can too! I’ve created an entire set of five mini coaching programs “Making Heart-Level Connections” that provide you with the beginnings of heart-level correction and instruction so you can connect into the work of God’s parenting in your own heart. My L.O.L. mom friends found many practical solutions in these programs that helped them to do the real work of turning things around in their families and give them the fruit they’ve longed for.

The video below gives an introduction to the “Making Heart-Level Connections” mini coaching programs. It’s 15 minutes long. If you’d prefer to read the contents of the video instead of watch it, you can find a pdf of it here.

You’re going to enjoy the testimonies of my L.O.L. mom friends in the following 6 blog posts. They pack a reality that will inspire you to want the same thing they are beginning to experience in their lives. Their enthusiasm will inspire you with the hope that dynamic growth in the Lord, which changes your whole life, is as much for you as it is for them.

Continue reading the testimonies here. And don’t forget to go get your complimentary gifts from me! There’s an article and my own personal testimony that you can get in pdf to read or as an audio if you’d prefer listening. Click on the button below to get your FREE downloads!

So grateful to be in the Lord’s service,
Marilyn Howshall for Lifestyle of Learning™ Ministries


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