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Reconciliation Through Care of Our Turtles

Since I’ve been learning to take on my children’s concerns about their animals and make them my concerns, [see my previous post] the Lord is working even more reconciliation in my family through my obedience to Him about our turtles! We had a turtle named Jordan for about 8 years, and we recently added another […]

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Our New Blessings ~ by Heidi Harris

I remember early on when I was first introduced to Lifestyle of Learning™, I heard a testimony discussing pets. I was hearing that as a parent, I should lay down my selfish reasons to NOT want to have pets. I was a parent who often severely limited my kids interests because it wasn’t convenient for […]

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Are You Rushing in Where Angels Fear to Tread?

Do you know how your children can contribute to their education? Many moms don’t consider that their children have something to offer their own learning process, but they do in many ways! Each of your children have very significant (and wise) contributions to make to their individual learning process, but they want and need their […]

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Do You Know the Real Goal?

I was with a few Christian people recently, and I came away with the strong impression that they believe that going to church and evangelizing is the goal and the focus of the Christian life. They talked about these two activities a lot, and implied repeatedly through their conversation that a person is a successful […]

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Are You Focusing on What Really Matters?

I’m so grateful to Marilyn Howshall who came to my house and showed me very specifically how to love my alzheimer’s inflicted mom with Christlike love! (read the blog post about it here) She pointed me toward listening to the Holy Spirit speaking through my conscience, and as I obeyed, I became changed; I became […]

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I Needed Help to Know How to Change

When Marilyn began to show me specific and practical ways to love my family, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I became transformed. I wasn’t just receiving information about love, but specific and practical instruction and correction that allowed me to know HOW to change. As I began to obey the Holy Spirit’s conviction through […]

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Does Being Specific Help You?

I remember thinking of myself as a generally loving person for most of my life. After all, I was nice to people in my neighborhood and at church. I made sure to try to avoid conflict, and our family generally minded our own business. I couldn’t really think of any way I was being unloving, […]

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Do You Know What Love Looks Like? I Didn’t!

As I was sitting in a church service while visiting some friends out of town, I heard it being said that the primary actions of love are to have a smile for most everyone, and to be a generally encouraging person. I remember thinking that it would be very easy to think of myself as […]

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3 Soul Conditions that Prevent Learning ~ Are They Happening in Your Family?

Help for Engaging Your Child’s Uniqueness Is your homeschooling working for your children? Do they come alive with the education you’re providing? Are they fully and deeply engaged with your method of homeschooling? If you’re like some homeschoolers, your children may be at best tolerating your methods, and at worst resisting and refusing to do […]

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What is Necessary?

Hello Dear Members! It’s a really beautiful day here! We can see Mt. Rainier so clearly, and the sun is shining so nicely! My tulips and irises are blooming, and the birds are coming to the bird feeder outside my window by my desk. Marilyn’s cute little grandsons are outside playing with my kiddos in […]

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