Are You Focusing on What Really Matters?

SONY DSCI’m so grateful to Marilyn Howshall who came to my house and showed me very specifically how to love my alzheimer’s inflicted mom with Christlike love! (read the blog post about it here)

She pointed me toward listening to the Holy Spirit speaking through my conscience, and as I obeyed, I became changed; I became transformed! (read the blog post about it here)

Over time, I began to see how my children and husband needed to truly love and serve each other with Christlike sacrifice. Because I was changing, I could more clearly see how they needed to change as well. The entire culture and atmosphere of our home and family life changed as we began to focus our daily efforts toward what really matters.

It’s so common for homeschooling parents to get sidetracked into behaving as though what really matters most is getting the school work done. That’s what I used to do too. Yes, some of us have added some sort of devotions or Bible curriculum to our school day, but for the most part, the focus of the day for mom is getting school assignments finished. What really matters in your home? Can you tell by your focus and time spent?

As I was working on the Love’s Actions Seminar audios, my hope has been for you to receive specific and practical instruction toward a changed life, so that you can move your family toward becoming overflowing with Christlike love. I want you to become a family who focuses on what really matters!

In each Love’s Actions Seminar, I bring to you a thorough explanation and discussion of one of love’s actions taken from Scripture, such as patience, faithfulness, kindness, and so on. I provide an expanded definition taken from the dictionary, and use many clear illustrations of what a particular love’s action would look like worked out in your family relationships—with your spouse, with your children, and in relationship between siblings. Each seminar concludes with how God expresses that particular love’s action toward us.

It’s my hope to bring conviction to your heart and inspiration for taking positive love actions toward your family. I want you to hear from a couple of moms who’ve been through the seminars.

Love’s Actions Seminars Are Life Changing! 

CoachingBlogMichelleH“I am learning from the Love’s Actions audios how much more there is to loving my family than I ever have known before. I am so blessed by Barbie’s messages that are so real and specific, not theory. They are so life changing. This is real education in the things that really matter. Each time I listen to one, I see how far away from loving I have been, and it grieves me so much. Yet, I am filled with so much joy and hope because Barbie tells not only what we are to stop doing, but what we should start doing instead. They are so specific and practical. There is life and hope here. Don’t miss it! Thank you so much, Barbie!” ~ Michelle H

coachingLisa“After completing the Making Heart-Level Connections Coaching Programs, I found that I had gained understanding about how to cooperate with the Lord in loving my family, but I didn’t know what true love really looked like in every day life. Love’s Actions Seminars were the perfect follow-up. Barbie explained with many examples what love looks like in relationships between spouses, between siblings and between parents and their children. She also uses many Scriptures and definitions to teach what the specific Love’s Action is all about. I have been able to cooperate more fully with what the Lord is doing in my life, because I have been able to stop unloving behaviors, and start relating with my family in truly loving ways that are flowing from the Lord. I have been able to put to death my selfish ways and respond to meet the true needs of my family. I am truly grateful for this ministry and teaching.” ~ Lisa C

Are You Ready to Turn toward What Really Matters?

Is your family environment overflowing with love? Do your children love to serve and give to one another, and just enjoy being together? If you could use some help to turn your focus toward the activity that really matters, Love’s Actions Seminars can help you.

You can listen to a free audio talking about how the Love’s Actions Seminars creation came about, along with an example of the sorts of things you will hear in the seminars. Sign up for the audio below.

Click here to continue reading more discussion about our need to love like Jesus.

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